The Best Spinner更新太快了

TBS(the best spinner)是我经常用的英文伪原创工具,这个软件的作者最近真是非常勤力,几乎每天都在更新软件,基本上一打开软件就提示安装更新,虽然不少更新都是修复一些bug,但也有不少实质的改进,最明显的就是近义词装载和标识的速度比以前快了很多,替换起来也比以前更加方便和快速。另外也增加了不少控制选项,例如默认的spin选项等,作者这么勤奋和善于听取用户的意见,难怪TBS成为最受好评的英文改写软件了。所以好的软件,还是值得投资的,有些软件我也用过破解版,但经常过一段时间就用不了,搞得自己很烦,倒不如买个正版的,用的舒心,还可以随时更新。算下来,我购买的工具软件也不少了,除了这个TBS,还有scrapebox、magic submitter、micro niche finder等,都是非常不错的东东。


下面是The best spinner的最近更新记录:

Version 2.659

BUG FIX: Issue with Auto-Replace Synonyms after last update.

Version 2.658

Further improved performance in the Identify Synonyms routine.
ADDED: New setting: “Don’t automatically identify synonyms.” Use this if you routinely work on very large spun documents for a big performance gain.
BUG FIX: Files with brackets — [ and ] — would throw exceptions when synonyms were identified.

Version 2.657

BUG FIX: When Replace Favorites Inside Spin Text was checked on the Settings tab and you clicked Replace All on the synonyms list, it would not replace all of the synonyms.
BUG FIX: When using many of the Replace functions (Replace All, Replace Everybody’s Favorites, etc.) the initial synonym was not always properly capitalized.

Version 2.656

Major performance improvement for Replace All on the synonyms list.

Version 2.655

BUG FIX: If there was no punctuation at the end of an article the last character of the last word would not be selected when tabbing onto the last word.

Version 2.654

ADDED: Settings and Options checkbox “Always default to Standard tab in synonym list.” This setting, if checked, will prevent the Easy Spin tab of the drop-down synonyms list from appearing by default when you select a group of spun words/phrases. Instead, the Standard tab will always be shown by default. You can then click the EasySpin tab if you wish to use the Easy Spin functionality.

Version 2.653

Expanded performance update from 2.652 to include replacing User Favorites in addition to Everyone’s Favorites.

Version 2.652

Major performance improvement when replacing Everybody’s Favorites.

Version 2.651

BUG FIX: Some settings were not being properly saved/loaded from the registry.

Version 2.65

CHANGE: Removed the pop-up warning that Easy Spin does not supported nested spins and replaced it with a label inside the Easy Spin control.

Version 2.64

BUG FIX: Spin Paragraphs Together tool caused unselected text to be erased.

Version 2.63

BUG FIX: Protected terms were not being protected in version 2.61

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